DeLonghi is an international and world renowned company in the appliance industry. It all started in a craftsman shop almost 100 years ago. DeLonghi officially became a company in the 1950s. Their first electric heater debuted in 1975. And, ever since they have established themselves as a leader in manufacturing appliances.

DeLonghi Philosophy:

They attribute their immense success to their innovative technology and consumer mindedness. They pride themselves in developing high tech products that are effective, safe and energy efficient all while retaining affordable prices. Yet, a large percentage of their significance originates from their Italian engineering which ensures that all products are built to the utmost perfection and come with a stylish design that meshes well with existing home furniture. In all, it is the combination of all these concepts that keeps their name embedded in the hearts of consumers.


DeLonghi offers ceramic heaters, convector heaters, mica heaters, fan heaters, oil-filled radiators and utility heaters.

DeLonghi's ceramic heaters utilize a superior heating element and large grill to increase circulation. They come in both floor designs and tower designs while some even can assume either position. The TCH6590ER has motorized oscillation, large electronic controls, and a remote for additional consumer convenience.

DeLonghi's convector heater comes with a silent fan, dual heat flow settings, adjustable thermostat, and an anti-freeze setting that will automatically activate the heater if the room temperature gets too low. This reduces the operation process for consumers and ensures a continuous warm environment.

DeLonghi's Mica Panel heater has water slash protection for use in the bathroom and is wall mountable. The room thermostat works similar to an anti-freeze setting enabling a continuous room temperature chosen by the user.

Their fan heater is ideal for bathroom use and can warm towels effectively in little time. This is perfect for warming towels in the winter and drying them in the summer.

DeLonghi oil filled radiator heaters have highly efficient designs and are great for use in a variety of rooms. All conserve on energy and implement the latest technology to provide that much needed extra heat all while minimizing risks with their elite safety mechanisms. In addition, all operate at relatively low noise levels to reduce disturbances and some even come with snap on wheels for added convenience in transport.

The DeLonghi utility heaters are designed for heavy duty applications. They come fully equipped with heat flow settings, adjustable thermostats, indicator lights and a variety of safety precautions such as cut off switches. Two of the three have all metal construction.

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