Honeywell is a global company producing household devices such as fans, air purifiers, and portable space heaters. Honeywell heaters implement all of the latest technology to achieve optimal efficiency. Each component is engineered and built to perfection for a reliable product that will last over the years. An investment in a Honeywell product is money well spent and this is one of the many reasons they are so popular among consumers.

It is a widely known fact that heaters have been infamous for creating household risks. However, Honeywell strives to dispel this notion by taking every precaution. Honeywell heaters come fully equipped with safety mechanisms that excel well beyond standard requirements to keep consumers safe and put worry minds at ease. Most Honeywell models come with a variety of systems that immediately cease operation if a problem exists thereby preventing any adverse effects. Such systems vary from model to model, yet commonly consist in a tip-over switch, flame resistant plastics, and protection against overheating. Additional features can include timers and alarms so that operation terminates after a particular period of time. This is an excellent precaution in case one leaves their home and forgets to turn off the heater. Some Honeywell models even have infrared detection systems that cease operation if an object is to close to the heater.

Honeywell understands the need for products with modern appearances and sleek designs. This is why they extend efforts to make heaters not only efficient but also homely in appearance. Many manufacturers attempt to cut production costs by bulky and unsightly devices, yet Honeywell keeps the consumers interests in mind. Their products easily mesh in with other household electronics and devices thereby preserving a classy image.

Just like air conditioning units, heaters can also contribute to a large portion of your utility costs. By simply increasing temperatures, the heater must work harder not only to heat the room in which persons are residing but the entire home as well. This is where a space heater can maximize your comfort while minimizing your costs. Supplement your home's heating system with a Honeywell product to enhance effectiveness and drastically decrease energy consumption resulting in reduced utility bills.

Most Honeywell heaters feature adjustable temperature controls, quick heat functions, adjustable thermostats for consistent temperatures, digital displays, study power cords, and much more.

Their oscillating systems are ideal for heating larger areas without adjusting the heaters position. Some can range from 180 degrees all the way to 360 degrees for the most effective heating.

If you are looking for something that is trustworthy and has all of the latest assets, consider a Honeywell to keep you warm!