Lasko is a US based manufacturer of appliances and a leader in the industry. In addition to their US company they also own a sister version located in Canada. Lasko is renowned for a variety of products especially their popular space heaters. Much of their success must be attributed to their business philosophy. Lasko is strongly dedicated to ensuring that their products are of the utmost quality so that consumers get high performance appliances that last. They implement this philosophy by conducting countless tests on their products in each of their domestic based facilities.

Lasko space heaters consist mostly in ceramic lines yet there are also fan models as well as convection style units.

Lasko ceramic heaters come in tower, pedestal, room and utility heaters.

The tower units are designed to conserve space and effectively heat an occupied room by dispersing air to multiple directions with their oscillating functions. The ceramic elements are self regulating and come with automatic overheat protection to minimize risks. And, the timing functions ensure safety as well as provide additional convenience. Some incorporate digital displays for easy monitoring. A number of the space heaters even feature remote controls to provide convenient operation.

The Lasko pedestal space heaters incorporate a space saving design and seated elevation via post for more efficient warming. These units consume about one foot of space so they can be located virtually anywhere in the home. They also come with a sleek look that can mesh well with existing items and not hinder your

Room's appearance, which is a common problem among many other unsightly heaters.

The Lasko room heaters embody modern designs, supreme engineering and unsurpassed efficiency. These room units are thin and can easily be located near a wall to conserve on space. Most pivot for multidirectional capability. They come with timers and some even feature the convenience of remote control operation.

Lasko utility heaters are specifically designed for heavy duty operation and ultimate effectiveness. They are portable so you can easily transport the unit from worksite to worksite thereby maximizing your unit's potential and saving money on multiple units. These come in either yellow or silver colors so they are bright and attractive. They pivot and also are equipped with adjustable thermostats.

Lasko fan forced heaters are portable units that automatically adjust the output based on the room temperature. This is an ideal function because the operator does not continuously need to make adjustments and the room stays just at the right temperature you so desire. It can be placed near the wall to minimize space consumption and their floor level location maximizes efficiency because heat rises.

Lasko convection space heaters are low profile units located near the ground and come in sleek modern designs that give them homely appearances. These space heaters operate at low decibels thereby creating a more pleasant and even silent environment. It is comforting to know that Lasko convection heaters will not create any unnecessary disturbances. These are durable models constructed out of die cast for years of use. Some even continue to save you money and increase overall comfort as well as give you that extra convenience by automatically adjusting output to accommodate for room temperatures. This provides consistent warmth that is desired by all.

If you are looking for a space heater to keep you warm this season, definitely consider the ever popular Lasko models for your home. They are safe, energy efficient, attractive in design, convenient and highly efficient!

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